Gallery Of Bracelets

Here are some very beautiful and interesting bracelets, each is new and never warn.

Stylish, with a blue color scheme, even a teenage daughter would appreciate this to match her blue eyes.


BC 20053                                     $24.95

This .925 bracelet weighs in at 36.4 grams and is not only beautiful it is a small investment.



BC 00018                                   $149.00



Carved with Egrets and flora which makes this and exquisite 36-gram investment and smart to wear.



BC 00017                                   $170.00

33.6 grams, this is a very beautiful bracelet with rose petals all out of Silver.



BC 00008                                  $249.00

Something different a Twisted Leather design with beads and the clock all together in a snap.


BC Z0009                                      $99.00

Spectacular 12.7 g, .925 Silver Panda Bracelet all you have to do is put your Love Charms on it.


BC A0006                                    $99.00

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