Ladies love to be pretty.

Ladies love to have beautiful jewelry to be seen wearing them to be notice even if it is a quiet shy flirt.


Purple Tourmaline with white Topaz Gemstones mounted on .925 Silver Ring


FR 10001             Size 7          $299.00

Beautiful Marquise Cut Blue Sapphire with smaller white Sapphires surrounding.


FR 19528          Size 7            $225.00 

Woman's Fashion .925 Sterling Silver, Wedding & Engagement Ring.


FR 52095            Size 7        $195.00

Womans Heart Blue Topaz with White Topaz surrounding laid on a .925 Silver Ring.


FR 33510       Size 6 or 7    $195.00

Beautiful Amethyst .925 Silver ring which can also be a promise Ring. All our jewelry is an investment.


FR 26756           Size 7               $99.00

Majestic Mystic Topaz with both White Topaz and Amethyst on each side. .925 Silver Ring.


FR 99153         Size 6 & 7       $165.00

Pink Tourmaline with White Topaz Gemstone mounted on a .925 Silver Ring.


FR 47349             Size 7          $299.00

Gorgeous Large Marquise Cut Pink Topaz sitting on a .925 Silver Ring with White Topaz circling.


FR 01250            Size 7           $975.00


.925 Silver with gold plating with 7 small Black Diamonds, simple but, very clean.


FR 99158             Size 7          $170.00

Here is a stunning 4 ct Yellow Sapphire with two Emerald cut White Sapphires on either side and 12 smaller White Sapphires.

FR 66036           Size 7         $595.00

This is a spectacular .925 Silver ring with a Purple Tourmaline Gemstone 3 ct.


FR X0001             Size 7              $39.00



.925 Silver with gold plating with 7 small Jade Gemstones, simple but, Very clean.


FR 99159           Size 7             $170.00

Gallery Of Rings

Maybe it is makeup, hairstyle, clothing she wears or maybe she likes something that flashes and sets her apart from all the others, I think it may even be a combination of everything but here we have the jewels and gems of this world that have graced women throughout all the ages of time and they still grace those who wear them. So if this is what you are looking for please by all means seek in our humble jewelry box here to see what you can find.

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